Fearsome Weirdos And Startling Lineup Trading Card Combo Set


The first Fearsome Weirdos Original Set plus Fearsome Weirdos: Harvest Of Horror Fall Special #1 and Startling Lineup!

This includes:

  • The original set is made up of 36 cards (26 characters and 10 product parodies)
  • Harvest Of Horrors is a 18 card set (wrapper card, 10 product parodies and 5 Horror Authors, plus a sticker and metal card (while supplies last))
  • Startling Lineup 36 Card Set + Sticker and Wax Wrappers (while supplies last)

Fearsome Weirdos is a trading card set born out of all my favorite childhood things! It's a mix of monsters, weirdos and the trading cards I grew up on! Everything from Aurora model kits, Wacky Packages, Weird-Ohs, B-Monster movies and more! This set is comprised of 36 cards which includes 25 characters and 10 product parody cards.

Startling Lineup is a 36 card baseball player parody set written and illustrated by Robert Jiménez. A companion set of sorts to the Fearsome Weirdos sets, it features 24 bizarre ball players along with a collection of MVPs, Most Vile Products!

Please Note: All Kickstarter extras, such as promo cards, stickers, lenticular and metal cards are included while supplies last.