Kaiju Creeps Trading Card Set


Card Set

Kaiju Creeps is the 3rd Fearsome Weirdos set! This set of 36 sticker cards features parodies of Kaijus, written and illustrated by Robert Jimenez, with help from fellow Wacky Packages writer Paul Harris.

The set features a Wrapper/Checklist card, 15 Kaiju Creeps, and 2 subsets. One is 10 vintage comic and magazine covers and the other 10 are product parody tie-ins. Also a 9 card puzzle with be a part of the card backs. Each set will also include 1 lenticular card of Gamer-A (shown below) and a tuck box.

Please Note: All Kickstarter extras, such as tuck boxes, promo cards, stickers, lenticular and metal cards are included while supplies last.

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